Welcome to the Jottit page of UNEASYsilence! Just Seeing if I can change it!

It seems anyone can edit it (Yup--even me!!!)... Is it a feature ALA Wikipedia ?

Jottit is sweetness defined
And so am I

only you can prevent forest fires...


I can't believe I ate the whole thing...

Derka Derka Derka Mohammad Jihad

I like turtles

this is pretty sweet.


Save the planet. Don't shop tomorrow.

Everything counts (in large amounts)!

Think different.

Could a woodchuck truely chuck wood?

HAHA Oh Yeah. Hello!

Enjoy the silence

This Is Going to Get Real Messy, Really Fast.

this makes me feel slightly UNEASY

"Think different."

Jottit is sweetness defined

Is the space pope reptilian?

How much easier could it be


But....will it blend????

Blend into something yummy?

I'm a poor fudge from the poorest neighbourhood in tEh world. Here lies my rants. ~ Atunu

Where do you want to unease today?

Jambo bwana! Jottit Muzuri Sana!!!, tuta onnana! - Xolaniboy

This doesn't work! why not?!!

changed October 12, 2007